• Processing Time 24hrs to 10 Days.
  • Assistance With All Requiremments.
  • Expedited Service Guaranteed.
  • Open 7 days a week

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  • Processing Time 24hrs to 10 Days.
  • Assistance With All Requiremments.
  • Expedited Service Guaranteed.
  • Open 7 days a week




While we could follow other passport expedite service companies by bragging on our high-end clientele, our connections, and our status, we would rather take this opportunity to tell you "about us" as it relates to you.

First and possibly most important, we are registered with the United States Department of State as an authorized expedite company.  What this means is by using our services, you will eliminate all of the time consumtion and frustrations conjured by the lack of communication, the stacking of excess fees, and the wait with uncertainty.

Secondly, we are open 7 days a week, and calls are answered 24 hours a day.  We understand that your time is important, and will be here for you all the way through completion.

We can obtaining first time passports,  passport renewal, passport photos, a replacement of lost / stolen passport, additional passport pages or a name change on passport - ALL in 24-48 hrs, 3 Days, 5 -7 days and 10 days Service!

Finally, we strive to provide fast, friendly, professional, and reliable client services.  You are our priority - plain and simple!


AA Passport & Visa is private expedite service company, not affiliated with the government. Our fees (in addition to the government fees) are only for the expedite procedures. If you do not require a passport expediting service. you can do it Your self directly from the government and get a passport from the Us Department of state, www.travel.state.gov and avoid paying any additional service fee, it will take 4-6 Weeks, no support or communication, we do work directly with US Dept of State should you require expedited processing. Our fees include: application verification, processing, and filing. We provide this service to ensure your application is complete and accurate prior to submission. Passport Service is available at the US Dept of State if you choose to file on your own behalf; you must make an appointment and appear in person. We provide full assistance throughout the entire process to ensure your Passport is issued in a timely manner.

Register with the
U.S. Dept. of State
as an
Authorized Expediting
Service Company


811 S.Central Expressway Suite#500
75 and Spring Valley (Comerica Bank Building)
Richardson, Texas, 75080
Office 1 : 972-231-1600
Office 2 : 469-835-2731
Fax       : 214-696-6697


6901 N.Lamar Blvd Suite#130
Austin, Texas 78752
Office 1 : (512)-905-2001
Office 2 : (512)-554-5817
Fax       : (512)-323-5501



4500 Montrose Blvd Suite C
(above Tams Restuarant)
Houston, Texas 77006
Office 1 : (713) 650-0900
Fax       : (713) 650-9000


Prudential Plaza 130 East Randolph 
St. # CL-2B
Chicago,IL 60601
Office 1 : (312)-730-0204
Office 2 : (312)-228-1089
Fax       : (312)-228-1424


9911 W Pico Blvd
Suite# 103 (Century City)
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Office 1 : (310)-402-1619
Office 2 : (310)-282-8214
Fax       : (310)-282-8207


14 Penn Plaza 225 West 34th Street
Suite# 700 (next to Party City)
New York, NY 10122
Office 1 : (917)-940-3370
Office 2 : (212)-967-0042
Fax       : (212)-967-0043

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